Monday, October 28, 2013

Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All


The book Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All by Dr. Jane Goldner, give you real life' stories and a toolkit that make this book one that you will want to keep, refer to and recommend to your friends, co-workers and family.

She states that women can "have it all," but poses the question: "What does 'it all' really mean?" Throughout the book, Dr. Goldner provides the answer that "it all" is different for each person, and discusses the paths women have taken to go from homemakers to "doing dishes, diapers, and million-dollar deals," with many choices in-between.

Based on her own life experiences and those of 14 other highly successful senior-level professional women, Women Driven to Success provides examples of role models as well as a tool kit to help women define and live THEIR ALL. Go here to check it out today.

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