Thursday, February 20, 2014

Put a New Spin on Breakfast at Target

We all know that breakfast is an important start to your family’s day, but all too often, it’s rushed, hectic, and…monotonous. So what can be done to make breakfast a little more delightful and fun?

(My daughter and her friend enjoying a snack of Nutella and crackers. I was talking about this post and she said she wanted to be in a picture showing breakfast can be fun and quick - even at 3 o'clock in the afternoon)
But seriously, I do have 3 girls, and they are college and high school age. My middle daughter is up for her classes from about 8 to 1 and then it is off the hitting, study hall, wellness workouts, catching the pitchers, ect... If she did not start her day with a healthy breakfast she could not make it thru all she has going.
One thing she likes to have in the mornings is dried bananas and Nutella. Quick she can grab it to have while she is doing some last minute studying before she heads out and it is even good for on the go.
Youngest daughter keeps a busy schedule too but one of her quick morning favorites is oatmeal with frozen fruit. She just heats her milk in the microwave stirs in her oatmeal, sprinkles a little cinnamon sugar, and stirs in a handful of frozen berries. She loves fruit and I have a hard time keeping fresh fruit on hand so I like to use frozen.
These are just a couple of ideas we use to keep variety in our breakfast. You might also try just mixing a couple of different breakfast cereals with some nuts or granola or Nature Valley Granola bars are also a favorite.
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