Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First National Self-Help Book for Kids

Looking for a positive gift for your kids this year? Consider the book Power of the Penny self help book or new t-shirt designs, “Girl For President” and “I Am My Own Hero” Themes Engage Kids to Build Leadership And Financial Skills As Stepping Stones In Building Their Futures
Author Elaina Redmond of the celebrity-endorsed, award-winning children's book The Power of the Penny is launching a new line of power T-shirts. Helping kids be leaders and self-realizing citizens, The Power of the Penny book and wearable power T-shirts aim to be a positive force in guiding children in every socioeconomic group to engineer their future.
“I Am My Own Hero” design and T-shirt features a superhero Abraham Lincoln, the central icon of The Power of the Penny book. This image elevates the books message in providing a framework for kids to walk a hero’s path and build themselves using Abraham Lincoln’s values of leadership, character, honesty and kindness.
Having a presidential girl appear through the book exposes young girls to female empowerment and fills the gender gap for girls in politics and business. Ms. Redmond elevates the presidential them wit two “Girl For President” designs. One design features four ethnically different girls in a presidential circle. The second design is singular images of the four girls. Parents and teachers will appreciate little girls embracing their own sense of leadership as they build their lives.

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