Monday, December 16, 2013

The Ultimate Conversation Starter, Squiddledee Ties

This holiday season, get something unique for both the man, and the little man, in your life. Nothing brings a man’s outfit together like a stylish tie, and Squiddledee Ties ( wants to make sure that all young men have the chance to look their absolute best.
I want you to know about an exclusive limited time offer from Squiddledee. For every full-price men’s tie order placed, shoppers can either receive a free children’s tie or choose to donate the tie to a New York City child in need.
Squiddledee ties are a product that is “designed by women, made for men,” helping them become the Ultimate Conversation Starter. 

Each one:
· Features an animal design representing a unique character
· Comes with a descriptive keepsake bookmarks that are meant to represent the wearer's personality
· Is made from the 22-momme silk, ensuring the softest and most premium quality product
· Is personally designed and manufactured in the heart of Brooklyn, New York
Go here to pick out your Squiddledee Tie today!!

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