Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Couple Of Kid Pics......

Youngest daughter is quite the travler these days. Since her farm life here did not work out as expected she travels to PA whenever she can to spend time on a friend's farm.

She was lucky enough to get there in time to see these babies born and then to find out they would be on the bottle for a while. So she is up in night every 4 to 6 hours feeding.

And then there are the Long Horns. She seems a little concerned they are getting to close.

But I am told this one is pretty gentle.

This one on the other hand, does not look to nice to me.


Joyce said...

What a wonderful opportunity for her! She really loves working with these animals. Her eyes light up every time she talks about her experiences. You are very blessed with special daughters.

Together We Save said...

Thanks Joyce, She loves this life, that is for sure. I am blessed as you are also. Our kids are awesome.