Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Air Wick’s Pure and Freshmatic Automatic Spray Product Review

Air Wick recently released Pure and a new version of Freshmatic Automatic Spray. Pure is an aerosol formula that delivers 9x more fragrance with less water which helps solve the problem of wet residue on upholstery, wood and other surfaces. Freshmatic Automatic Spray is Air Wick’s new automatic spray device that delivers continuous bursts of fragrance so it’s like you’re experiencing that first whiff of your favorite scent for the first time, every time. The improved new sleek design with the “twist and lock” mechanism lets you display it anywhere in your home as it fits right in with your décor.
I was sent both products for review. I will say I like both but the Freshmatic Automatic Spray is my favorite. I have it in my hallway and I can enjoy the fragrance throught my whole upstairs. It just emits a fragrance every few minutes and I love that. And then the Pure is wonderful because it is a dry spray theat keeps my home very fresh.

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